Pt. 1 Color and Shape

More on this later 🙃

What is Music Notation?

A long time ago a group of what I can only imagine were men in powdered wigs figured out a way to record music ideas in a concrete way. Using nothing more than a pen and paper they were able to convey the intricate relationship between sound and time.

Pt. 2 FormKey An Instrument Designed to Make You Better at Music

Building A New Tool Based On Old Concepts

When I first began to design Form I stumbled across an interesting looking keyboard. The keys were kind of laid out bunched together in what appeared to be a honeycomb. I remember looking at it and going “Heh.. That’s interesting”. However as I began digging into it and realized what was going on, it quickly became apparent that there was a well spring of potential in pairing these two systems together.

Brent's Mind

Founder of Polyhedra | Creator of FormKey and the Form Music Language | iOS Engineer | Designer | Compulsive Builder

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